Adorable Stenciled Barn Door

Hannah from The Cozy Hearth used Texture Powder and Lazy Linen paint to transform this cute barn door into a farmhouse beauty!

Everyone and their mother wants the farmhouse look these days. I totally get it, because I’m one of those people! But I’m not lucky enough to live in an actual farmhouse, so I’m limited to decorating with items that will give my place a “farm sweet farm” vibe. What better way to give your house the farmhouse feel than to incorporate a barn door into your decor?

I had this cute little barn door, sitting lonely and naked in the corner of my apartment. I didn’t know what to do with it until my Country Chic bundle arrived. Then I had an a-ha! moment and decided I was going to stencil it.


Stenciled Barn Door {guest post} #DIY #paintedfurniture #furniturepaint #countrychicpaint #homedecor -


To start, I stained the door with a medium dark brown stain. Any stain will do. (This is the boring part.) I let the stained door sit overnight, and stayed up late in bed because I was too excited for the next step.
I took the hardware off, and mixed a little bit of brown paint with Country Chic Texture Powder. I don’t know what’s in this stuff, but it turns your paint into a peanut butter consistency, which sounds super weird, but it’s perfect for stenciling! I mixed the paint with the powder in a 1:1 ratio to make my “peanut butter”.


Stenciled Barn Door {guest post} #DIY #paintedfurniture #furniturepaint #countrychicpaint #homedecor -


Then I took my stencil and laid it on the door. Using a paint scraper, I spread the “peanut butter” on top of the stencil. I didn’t lay it on too thick, just thick enough to create a raised design. I peeled the stencil off as soon as I finished spreading the Texture Powder, rinsed it off and let the design dry.

Obviously, I had to work in sections because the door is much bigger than the stencil. (I cheated and used a blow-dryer to speed up the drying process!) Also, in order to keep the Texture Powder from drying out, I covered it tight with plastic wrap and a rubber band in between sections.


Stenciled Barn Door {guest post} #DIY #paintedfurniture #furniturepaint #countrychicpaint #homedecor -


Next, I painted over the surface of the door with a couple coats of Country Chic All-in-one Decor Paint in Lazy Linen. It’s a super light grey that contrasts really well with dark colors. I did a mostly-full coverage, but I didn’t care if some brown peeked through because I was going to distress it anyway.


Stenciled Barn Door {guest post} #DIY #paintedfurniture #furniturepaint #countrychicpaint #homedecor -


To distress the surface of the design, I used 120-grit sandpaper.


Stenciled Barn Door {guest post} #DIY #paintedfurniture #furniturepaint #countrychicpaint #homedecor -


Lastly, after distressing, I wiped away the dust with a damp cloth, and applied a thin layer of Country Chic Natural Wax. I followed that with a dusting of Antiquing Dust in Willow in the crevices of the design. I let it sit for 30 min, and then buffed it out with a cloth. It definitely gave my door a little bit of an aged look, and highlighted the outline of the design in some areas. I re-attached the hardware and now my barn door is ready to be used as farmhouse decor!


Stenciled Barn Door {guest post} #DIY #paintedfurniture #furniturepaint #countrychicpaint #homedecor -


Hannah {The Cozy Hearth}

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