Two-Tone Waterfall Dresser Makeover

Abbey from Painted Home Goods made her own custom creation by mixing Liquorice and Midnight Sky for a beautiful navy tone, perfect for this retro dresser.

I’ve always admired vintage waterfall pieces but have never been able to get a good enough deal…until now!


Two-Tone Waterfall Dresser Makeover {guest post} #DIY #paintedfurniture #furniturepaint #countrychicpaint #homedecor -


This dresser needed a decent amount of repair work before getting to the fun part, but it had all original handles and a cool Art Deco decorative strip at the bottom. Unfortunately the previous owner had super glued a broken drawer front instead of properly repairing it so I had to work around the messy repair and patch the best I could.

After cleaning thoroughly with mineral spirits and patching chipped veneer with wood filler, I darkened the stain on the ridged edges and the top drawer. I used Rustoleum wood stain in “Kona”, letting it sit for just a minute before gently wiping up with a lint-free rag. This allowed the stain to just barely darken the wood without compromising the design in the veneer on the drawer like sanding and staining or using gel stain would. There are visible imperfections in the drawer if you look at it right, but it just adds to the vintage look (or so I keep telling myself).



The decorative tops to the handles were cheap plastic, not Bakelite, the more valuable substance used during the era this dresser was made. Most of the plastic was broken so I finished breaking and removing it from the brass handles. I boiled the handles in a vinegar and water mixture and scrubbed them with a wire brush, drying thoroughly when I was done. The layers of filth that came off was nasty!




Now for the fun part! I mixed Country Chic Paint in Liquorice and Midnight Sky to make a dark, rich navy. After one coat on the top, sides, and 3 drawers it looked too dark, more black than navy, so I mixed much more “Midnight Sky” in the paint for the second coat.



Sealed with natural wax for a gentle sheen, this dresser is ready for its new lease on life!



Two-Tone Waterfall Dresser Makeover {guest post} #DIY #paintedfurniture #furniturepaint #countrychicpaint #homedecor -




Abbey {Painted Home Goods}

As a mom to twin boys, I am always busy. Twice the fun, twice the work! My Twin Tornadoes and salvaging neglected furniture are my passions. If a twin mom in a small apartment can fix up and paint furniture, so can you! In today’s throw-away culture and tendency towards cheaply made, mass produced home goods, I seek to provide something different, something unique. Bringing new life to discarded finds is my way of contributing to the responsible thrifting counterculture that has become a growing trend. When shopping with PaintedHomeGoods you can feel good about what you buy. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Two-Tone Waterfall Dresser Makeover

  1. I have a dresser like this as well – was part of my parents’ original bedroom suite circa 1950; I’m so going to paint it now!

  2. I have two waterfall dressers with minimal wear and tear . so I am going to repurposed them . yours came out so beautiful!!

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