A Simple, Classic Sofa Table

Lee Ann from Creative Moments used Simplicity to give this simple sofa table a classic and elegant look!

I found this orange stained sofa table and had a vision to re-love it in a crisp white with soft grey accents. I’m very happy with the way that it turned out!

This is how I created this sweet makeover:

I knew that I would need extra adhesion, so I primed the surface and left it to dry for a few days. I then added two coats of Country Chic Paint Simplicity. I love distressing the edges of most of my pieces of furniture to give it extra dimension and character, but also so that the piece does not become noticeably distressed when a customer scratches or dings the piece in normal use.

Although Country Chic Paint’s All-in-One formula has a built-in primer and top coat, I still like to add a couple coats of a sealant for extra durability. I chose Polyvine Wax Finish, giving it two coats and allowing it to dry for four hours between each coat. The wax finish has a matte sheen which works well with the rustic look of the sofa table.

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Lee Ann {Creative Moments}

Hello, my name is Lee Ann and I am the creator at Creative Moments. I have always had a love for vintage pieces and an interest in recycling/repurposing. Creative Moments became the outlet for both. Reloving a piece of furniture no longer in style, in disrepair or tossed aside into a “new, one of a kind” piece makes my heart sing. I love seeing these pieces becoming a part of a home, adding character and charm and providing years of enjoyment.


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