Creating a Durable Table Top Finish

Cait from Little City Farmhouse chose Cobblestone and Tough Coat to give her dining table a beautiful new look that will last for years to come!

If you are brand new or even fairly familiar with refinishing furniture, pieces that are large or that get a lot of wear and tear can be daunting to take on. They may be more time consuming and labor intensive, or use products that require a bit more learning curve. However, the end result is worth it! I’ll show you the steps I took to refinish this beautiful dining table.

Creating a Durable Table Top Finish #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #chalkpaint #toughcoat #grey #homedecor #diningroom #sealant #topcoat #durable #countrychicpaint -

The first step in any refinishing job is prep prep prep! I always start my projects by washing them with a TSP solution, rinsing, and then sanding. Your project will determine what level of sanding is required, but with this table I gave it a fairly good sanding to ensure excellent adhesion and lasting durability.

Creating a Durable Table Top Finish #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #chalkpaint #toughcoat #grey #homedecor #diningroom #sealant #topcoat #durable #countrychicpaint -

Next step: paint! I painted this table with two coats of Cobblestone. I love this deep earthy grey. I let the paint cure overnight and then gave it a good sanding to get it nice and smooth and to distress it. To prep it for topcoat, I vacuumed the dust and then wiped it with a tack cloth. We don’t want any dust or particles in our topcoat!

Creating a Durable Table Top Finish #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #chalkpaint #toughcoat #grey #homedecor #diningroom #sealant #topcoat #durable #countrychicpaint -

Third step: Topcoat. Dining tables (at least in my house) can see a lot of daily use. I chose Tough Coat for a hard durable finish that will last for years. When you use Tough Coat (or any liquid finish), apply a thin coat and then move on. Going back over areas will cause brush strokes. Because of the quick dry time, Tough Coat sets up fast and so going back over your finish will ruin it. If you miss a spot, you’ll get it on your next coat. Let it dry really well and then lightly sand with 220grit sandpaper in between coats.

Creating a Durable Table Top Finish #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #chalkpaint #toughcoat #grey #homedecor #diningroom #sealant #topcoat #durable #countrychicpaint -

Don’t be intimidated by larger pieces! You’ll be thrilled with the result! I love the grey paired with the French provincial style of this piece. Beautiful in any dining room!

Creating a Durable Table Top Finish #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #chalkpaint #toughcoat #grey #homedecor #diningroom #sealant #topcoat #durable #countrychicpaint -

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Cait {Little City Farmhouse}

Hello! I’m Cait! I am a wife and a mom of two little ones, and a proud auntie of a growing little flock! I first started by refinishing several pieces in my own home, and fell in love with it. Slowly it turned into a business and something I could do from home. I love the thrill of finding old furniture, and I adore the process of refinishing it into something new and fresh. Refinishing furniture is the heart of my business. I believe your home should reflect who you are, and I love helping people get the look they want in their homes by refinishing their furniture for them.

Make sure to follow Cait’s blog Little City Farmhouse. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram!

6 thoughts on “Creating a Durable Table Top Finish

  1. I have a oak dining table with 2leaves, we bought it 30 years ago, just trying to find the best way to refurbish the top to a shiny finish! It is beginning to look dull with scratch’ there a product to use or is refinishing the only way? I have oak buffet and 6 chairs and don’t really want to redo all of these! Suggestions??? Thanks

    1. Hi Mary,
      There are definitely some tricks you can use to help repair scratches on table tops. Here’s a video I found helpful:
      If you do decide that completely refinishing will be the best method, we’re happy to help with some painting tips!

  2. I am going to chalk paint my kitchen table in black. I am keeping the trim the same color it is. I bought a water base polyurethane and was hoping that is very durable for a kitchen table top. I spoke to people in paint store and that is what they suggested versus polyacrylic. Not sure of the spelling. Any suggestions?

    Thank you for your time

    1. Hi Michele,
      I can’t speak to the durability of other brands of top coats, but if the store you shopped in recommended it then it should be alright! I’d recommend doing about 2-3 coats to be sure you’ve got good coverage and protection.
      Happy painting!

  3. Hi,
    I love the table! The link to the paint color, “cobblestone,” doesn’t work. Can you let me know the brand and finish (satin, glossy, etc)?

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for letting us know the link wasn’t working Krystal! It’s been updated now. You can learn more about Cobblestone here:
      Country Chic Paint is a matte, clay-based paint.

      Have a great day!

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