Introducing…Vintage 8 Decor!

Today we’d like to introduce you to our fabulous retailer, Shelly Edmondson Thompson from Vintage 8 Decor! Read on to learn a bit about her shop and why she’s passionate about her work.

Vintage 8 Decor
Tyler, TX

We interviewed Shelly Edmondson Thompson, owner of Vintage 8 Decor in Tyler, TX to learn a little bit more about her business, what it’s like to be a Country Chic Paint retailer, and why she loves to what she does. Read on to learn more about her story!

Introducing...Vintage 8 Decor! #DIY #retailer #retail #tyler #texas #chalkpaint #countrychicpaint -

Shelly Edmondson Thompson: business owner owner and passionate furniture refurbisher

Her story…

When Shelly moved a few years ago, she was encouraged to redecorate and decided to paint some of her furniture. She did quite a bit of research and began following furniture painters online. She drove four hours to take her very first furniture painting class in Houston, TX, and she was immediately hooked! The first piece she ever painted was her dresser and it remains in her bedroom to this day as a testament to how far she’s come and how her technique has improved over the years – her husband won’t let her redo it!

Soon her friends began asking her to paint their furniture and she took it on as a hobby to keep her occupied, knowing that she would soon have a lot of alone-time when her husband went traveled for work and her son went off to college. Nowadays she has so many requests for custom work that she doesn’t have time to work on her own pieces! She decided to open up her own shop so she would have more space to paint and create without cluttering up her home. Today she still holds a full-time job and runs her furniture painting business on the side, but it is quickly growing into a full-time position!

The name “Vintage 8 Decor” came from her son’s soccer jersey number. Shelly has long been a soccer mom and created a business name for herself that not only described her passions, but paid homage to her other love; family.

Introducing...Vintage 8 Decor! #DIY #retailer #retail #tyler #texas #chalkpaint #countrychicpaint -

Introducing...Vintage 8 Decor! #DIY #retailer #retail #tyler #texas #chalkpaint #countrychicpaint -

Her shop…

Shelly chose to run her business in vendor malls so she can choose her hours without having to be available during all business hours. She loves being able to put her creativity to good use and share it with others as well. Any time she’s in her booth, you’re sure to find her chatting with customers to help them plan their next DIY project. Sharing and teaching is Shelly’s forte!

She became a Country Chic Paint retailer in May, 2017 after researching several other brands. She says “the products can’t be beat”. The user-friendly products are great for newbies and experienced painters alike. Shelly also says “the support from Country Chic Paint is amazing!”

Introducing...Vintage 8 Decor! #DIY #retailer #retail #tyler #texas #chalkpaint #countrychicpaint -

Introducing...Vintage 8 Decor! #DIY #retailer #retail #tyler #texas #chalkpaint #countrychicpaint -

Her future plans…

Shelly hopes to introduce a workshop space into one of her booths where she will focus on project-based classes. She aims to widen her customers’ imaginations by showing them furniture paint isn’t just for furniture. It can be used for home decor items, craft projects, and so much more. If you’d like to learn some painting tips from a DIY pro, make sure you keep in touch and book a lesson at Vintage 8 Decor! Shelly can teach you how to put your own personal spin on each and every item in your home so your style will radiate throughout.

Introducing...Vintage 8 Decor! #DIY #retailer #retail #tyler #texas #chalkpaint #countrychicpaint -

Introducing...Vintage 8 Decor! #DIY #retailer #retail #tyler #texas #chalkpaint #countrychicpaint -

If you’d like to connect with Shelly, you can find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you want to find out more about becoming a Country Chic Paint retailer, please visit

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