Antique Grey Buffet

This gorgeous, antique buffet was restored by Cait from Little City Farmhouse with Cobblestone and Antiquing Wax!

It isn’t too often that I see antique pieces like this buffet around here, so when I do I scoop them up! This buffet sat for a couple weeks while I pondered what colour it should be. I went back and forth for far too long, took polls from friends, and ultimately ended up choosing the original colour I had in mind – Cobblestone!

I stripped the old finish off the top and stained it. When that was dry I got to work on the body of the piece. I generally always recommend a good scrub and sand, but I really wanted this piece to show age and wear, so my prep steps were different. I wanted the paint to resist areas that had any grease or grime, so all I did was give the piece a light sanding.

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I sprayed this piece with one coat of Cobblestone in the All-in-One formula. This is my favourite formula for distressing. When it was dry I went over it with sandpaper to distress it well. The paint distressed beautifully and naturally resisted adhering to any spots that had any previous build up.

Antique Grey Buffet #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #grey #chalkpaint #buffet #shabbychic #countrychicpaint -

To richen the colour and give the piece great depth and character, I went over the whole thing with Antiquing Wax. Cobblestone and Antiquing Wax were made for each other!

Antique Grey Buffet #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #grey #chalkpaint #buffet #shabbychic #countrychicpaint -

I literally spent an afternoon trying to find a place for this piece in my house without success – it’s such a beautiful piece that is a true statement now!

Antique Grey Buffet #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #grey #chalkpaint #buffet #shabbychic #countrychicpaint -

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Cait {Little City Farmhouse}

Hello! I’m Cait! I am a wife and a mom of two little ones, and a proud auntie of a growing little flock! I first started by refinishing several pieces in my own home, and fell in love with it. Slowly it turned into a business and something I could do from home. I love the thrill of finding old furniture, and I adore the process of refinishing it into something new and fresh. Refinishing furniture is the heart of my business. I believe your home should reflect who you are, and I love helping people get the look they want in their homes by refinishing their furniture for them.

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