Woodland Cabinet

Crystal from The Driftwood Home used Woodland and Hemp Oil to give this pretty cabinet the moody makeover it deserves!

This winter, I have been very drawn to painting with greens. It could be that I’m longing for spring to get here quickly, or that greens are the new “moody” colors.

I had a completely different vision for this piece when I first picked it up. It has a sister, however the drawer on that one is warped so it will have to be removed and sold as an open-faced cabinet. This one however was perfect the way it was and I really fell in love with the carved leaf handle on the top drawer.

Woodland Cabinet #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #chalkpaint #woodland #cabinet #olive #storage #countrychicpaint - blog.countrychicpaint.com

I sprayed two coats of Country Chic Paint’s Limited Edition color “Woodland” on this oversize cabinet. I love this color because it’s a very muted olive green with gray undertones. I think this is probably one of the most complex and neutral greens I have come across in a long time.

Woodland Cabinet #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #chalkpaint #woodland #cabinet #olive #storage #countrychicpaint - blog.countrychicpaint.com

I lightly distressed it around the edges and highlights to give it a worn appearance and sealed with clear wax. This finish previously had a wax finish on it, so I wanted to ensure maximum durability by not mixing finishes. I also gave the interior a coat of Hemp Oil to keep it protected and the paint looking fresh. It’s such a cool piece with its designs and its size. It’s large enough to be a small bathroom vanity, liquor cabinet, coffee bar, printer station…the possibilities are endless.

Woodland Cabinet #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #chalkpaint #woodland #cabinet #olive #storage #countrychicpaint - blog.countrychicpaint.com

I love that this color reminds me of a cabin on a lake house and it’s got so much character, I can see it being a huge hit with both men and women. This is probably one of the best greens around and I can see this on so many gorgeous pieces of furniture and cabinetry with different styles.

Woodland Cabinet #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #chalkpaint #woodland #cabinet #olive #storage #countrychicpaint - blog.countrychicpaint.com


Crystal {The Driftwood Home}

We are Jake & Crystal Sutton, owners of Team Sutton Designs! Jake & I are both Active Duty military serving in the US Air Force. We spend our days driving across San Antonio picking up furniture that’s ready for a new look. Jake is the prep guru and does everything from sanding, to routing, to reinforcing shaky foundations. I make things pretty with my spray gun and paint brush, and design all the pieces from top to bottom. Although this is not our primary job, this is our future and every day we work harder to make our dreams of one day opening our own furniture store come true.


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