Introducing…Vintage & Co!

Today we’d like to introduce you to our fabulous retailers, Jill Marhevka from Vintage & Co.! Read on to learn a bit about her shop and why she’s passionate about her work.

Vintage & Co.
Lancaster, PA

We interviewed Jill Marhevka, owner of Vintage & Co. in Lancaster, PA to learn a little bit more about her store, what it’s like to be a Country Chic Paint retailer, and why she loves what she does. Read on to learn more about her story!

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Jill Marhevka: store owner and passionate furniture refurbisher.

Her story…

In her early days as a business woman, Jill sold antique and vintage items on eBay while working as a producer in local television. In 2000 she acquired her first antique booth and began selling items locally and refinished furniture on occasion. Soon after, she met her husband who helped her run the booth. The two of them loved the thrill of hunting down antiques together and they soon became experts in their field! After the antique mall sold, Jill and her husband decided to open their own storefront in April of 2016 and focus their efforts more towards refurbishing furniture – this is where Jill’s creative side came to life! They used other paint brands for a couple of years before deciding to bring in one of their own. She feels that bringing in a paint line has opened up a whole new world for her.

“I never dreamed I could be this creative! This is a whole other level of antiquing – turning forgotten pieces into something new.”

Jill was surprised at first how much her husband has gotten into the refurbishing process! Now the two of them fight over who gets to work on “the good pieces”, usually with hubby coming out victorious 😉

Introducing...Vintage & Co! #DIY #retailer #retail #lancaster #pennsylvania #chalkpaint #countrychicpaint #paintstore #homedecor -

Her shop…

Jill says her favorite thing about running the store is talking to her customers, building relationships with them, and learning all about their plans for making over their homes. She feels blessed to be there to help others transform their homes and she loves hearing the stories behind her customers’ purchases. Many of her customers are young couples decorating their first homes, older couples looking to sell their old furniture and antiques, or just people looking to add a little bit of nostalgia to their homes!

Introducing...Vintage & Co! #DIY #retailer #retail #lancaster #pennsylvania #chalkpaint #countrychicpaint #paintstore #homedecor -

What it’s like to be a Country Chic Paint retailer…

Since becoming a Country Chic Paint retailer in October of 2016, Jill has learned that having a paint line her store allows her customers to become more involved in the creation process. Not only do they get a hands-on experience when choosing colors for their custom painted furniture, but after falling in love with the finish and the color options available (her personal favorites are Sunday Tea, Peacoat, and Cranberry Sauce), they become life-long customers who want to transform more.

Introducing...Vintage & Co! #DIY #retailer #retail #lancaster #pennsylvania #chalkpaint #countrychicpaint #paintstore #homedecor -

Her future plans…

In the future Jill hopes to offer workshops in her store so she can teach others how to paint furniture and how to create special effects with all the different products she offers. She also hopes to someday expand her storefront into a larger barn space where she has space for a DIY corner with paint, tools, and supplies for craft projects. Her dream is to appeal to a wide variety of customers; those who are shopping for completed projects as well as crafty DIYers who prefer a project.

If you’d like to connect with Jill, you can find her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

If you want to find out more about becoming a Country Chic Paint retailer, please visit

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