DIY Rustic Beach Furniture Finish

Do you have boring, laminate furniture that needs a little spicing up? Mikki from Mikki’s Frame Shop is sharing her tutorial with us today on how to add a textured, beachy look to any project!


  • Lazy Linen
  • Cobblestone
  • Texture Powder
  • Glaze in Graphite and Smoky Quartz
  • Clear Coat
  • 3 other paint colors in small amounts (optional)


  • Oval paint brush
  • Painting sponge
  • Electric sander with 150 and 220 sandpaper
  • Chisel or straight screwdriver
  • Awl
  • bike chain (optional)

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This finish can transform a plain flat tabletop into a rugged plank beachy wood look.

If your piece is shiny and not made of real wood, you will need to sand the top until you remove the shine, the legs are almost always real wood and just need a little sanding to get the shine off.

You will then take a sharp tool like a chisel or flat screwdriver and a ruler, long enough to reach across the piece and SCORE lines into the top.

You can measure these and make your “planks” even widths but I prefer to make them more random widths. You will want to carry the lines over the edges of the piece to complete the plank look. Add some character to the planks buy gouging out spots along the lines.

Add more distressing with the awl, chains, hammer and any other tool to give the boards more character and wear.

Mix Texture powder with your Cobblestone AIO leaving some powder bits in the mix. Sponge the paint mixture on all over the top and in a few areas on the legs.

Let dry overnight.

OPTIONAL: Add bits and spots of color over the Cobblestone mixture to the ends and edges of the boards to mimic old paint or moss etc. Let dry a couple hours.

Paint your Lazy Linen AIO over the entire top and let dry several hours or overnight. Then using wet or dry sanding distress the paint. Keep in mind your “planks” when you do this. Coat your legs a second time with Cobblestone and distress lightly when dry.

Let dry overnight.

Add your glazes to the piece using both glazes. I like to use baby wipes for this step but wet and dry soft cloths work well also. Pay attention to the lines you scored in the top and get the glaze into the crevasses. You may want to do this step twice lightly to really build the patina of the glazes up.

Wait 24-48 hours for the paint to dry really well and then apply 2-3 coats of Clear Coat with the round sponge waiting between coats.

DIY Rustic Beach Furniture Finish Country Chic Paint Tutorial - #DIY #furniturepaint #chalkpaint #paintedfurniture #tutorial #rustic #beachy #distressed #furnitureglaze #homedecor #countrychicpaint -

Watch this video to see Mikki in action!

Mikki {Mikki’s Frame Shop}

Welcome to Mikki’s Frame Shop; an award winning framer, member of Professional Picture Framers Association and the only Master Certified Picture Framer in the Crossville, TN area.

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