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We’re so excited to announce that we’re adding Sparkle & Shimmer Furniture Glaze to our line!

In addition to our existing six glaze colors (Smoky Quartz, Graphite, Tiger’s Eye, Slate, Limestone, and Clear) we now have Sparkle & Shimmer.

As its name suggests, Shimmer adds a subtle pearlescent shine to your piece. Sparkle will give your piece a glitzy, glamorous finish.
New Sparkle & Shimmer Furniture Glaze - Country Chic Paint eco-friendly DIY glitzy, glamorous furniture refurbishing products

To apply these two new glazes, just paint on with a synthetic bristle paint brush or a painting sponge. They can be used over any color of Country Chic Paint to give them a sparkly finish that is to die for!

Watch this tutorial for to watch Rosanne demonstrate how to apply these new glazes and show off the beautiful effect they have on your painted furniture!

We also have a written tutorial for furniture glazing that you can check out here.

Click here to see some examples of glazed furniture.

Comment below to tell us what you think of Sparkle & Shimmer furniture glaze!

Both Shimmer and Sparkle glazes are now available to purchase. You can order from our online shop and you can also find them at many of our retail locations. Please call your local retailer for availability.



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