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This sofa table transformation was completed by Elizabeth from The Semi-Crunchy Mama with Sage Advice and Natural Wax! Come read all of her do’s and don’ts!

My mom gave me this beautiful sofa table when I still lived in California. I had intentions of restoring it for years. It was just recently that I decided to start working on furniture pieces I had acquired. I decided on this piece because it’s quite simple, and the perfect way to get better acquainted to clay paint.

When I was accepted into the Country Chic Paint 2019 Influencer Squad, I was thrilled. Not only is their product eco-friendly, it also has rave reviews. As a brand new furniture painter, Country Chic Paint is the perfect product for the environmentally conscious newbie. Before painting this piece, I had only painted one piece prior. So with my limited knowledge, I was excited and nervous to jump into furniture painting.

And so I began with this old, tired sofa table, and a beautiful clay paint color, All-In-One Decor Paint in Sage Advice.

Prepping the Piece

My first step, as with any painting project, was to prep the wood. Because of the age and wear of the sofa table, I not only had to clean it of dirt and spider webs, I also needed to sand it as it had peeling veneer. This took considerable time. However, once I got a smooth and clean finish to the wood, I wiped any sawdust off with a wet wash cloth and let the wood dry completely.

Sofa Table Transformation - Sage green furniture paint - eco friendly DIY clay paint from Country Chic Paint

Now to begin painting!

I used the Country Chic Paint’s Oval Paint Brush and began painting with the grain of the wood. As expected from the reviews I read, the paint went on smoothly and easily. Because of the dark veneer that was still present underneath, there was definite bleed through with the first coat.

It took about two hours to dry, but once dried I applied a second coat. The second coat was a fast and easy application. No additional paint was necessary! It took half a 16 oz. jar of paint to cover this piece.

Sofa Table Transformation - Sage green furniture paint - eco friendly DIY clay paint from Country Chic Paint

Next was Distressing

I decided to lightly distress the sofa table. After 24 hours of drying time, I used 220 grain sandpaper and lightly sanded down the corners and edges of the piece. It was quick and easy, and I completed distressing the entire piece in a little over an hour.

Sofa Table Transformation - Sage green furniture paint - eco friendly DIY clay paint from Country Chic Paint

Finishing the Piece!

Waxing was probably the easiest part of the entire project! I used Country Chic Paint’s 4oz Natural Wax to complete this project and to provide some durability. I used a wax brush and gently applied the wax to the entire piece. I then took a dry t-shirt like cloth and wiped off any residue. As instructed on the jar, I buffed it in as best I could until it was no longer tacky. Although I’ve heard it can take up to 30 days to cure, the wax seemed dry to the touch after about 24 hours.

What Else was Needed?

The metal hardware was originally a tarnished, brassy color. I thought this piece would look better with wrought iron, metal accents and chose to paint these separately.

The Finished Product

Once I reassembled the sofa table, the piece was absolutely beautiful. I’m going to use it on my covered patio for shaded plants, summer drinks and gardening supplies. The color is jaw-dropping and the quality is unmatched. I’m completely blown away with how easy and fast the entire process took and I cannot wait to get started on my next Country Chic Paint project!

Sofa Table Transformation - Sage green furniture paint - eco friendly DIY clay paint from Country Chic Paint

Hindsight is 20/20

Looking back on this project there were a few steps I would have done differently.

  1. I would have sanded this down a bit more. The veneer was chipping severely on this piece, and even with the sanding I did do, there were parts that were bumpy even after the painting and sanding. I should have prepped the piece better.
  2. I didn’t check for dripping paint and used too much in some areas. Luckily, clay paint is forgiving and I was able to sand any dried paint drips. Next time, I’ll be more conservative with the amount of paint on my paintbrush so I don’t have to do extra sanding once the piece is painted.
  3. The wax could have been buffed in a little better. My hands were dusty from moving some stuff around in the basement and I didn’t think about it when I picked up the newly waxed sofa table. It left finger prints all over. Luckily, I was able to wipe the dirt off with a wet wash cloth.

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Elizabeth {The Semi-Crunchy Mama}

Hi I’m Elizabeth, wife and full time mom of 4 littles. My hobbies include thrifting, upcycling furniture, restoring foreclosed homes, gardening and cooking from scratch! I strive to live sustainably in the heart of the suburbs.

My family and I live in Colorado Springs, CO where the weather is bi-polar and I have tons of indoor time to transform secondhand furniture into beautiful pieces. I absolutely love taking the tired, torn and trashed, and, with the stroke of a brush, giving each piece a second chance!


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