Purple Painted French Provincial Furniture

Cait from Little City Farmhouse gave this sweet little French Provincial nightstand an adorable new look with our muted purple paint color, Piece of Cake!

This nightstand belonged to a bedroom suite that I picked up on Facebook Marketplace from someone who needed to get rid of it asap as they were moving.  I love refinishing French Provincial style furniture, so I snagged them right away!

French Provincial furniture is fun to refinish because of the interesting lines and curvy shape, and they carry colour SO well.  Some styles of furniture don’t necessarily look great in any colour, but I’ve painted French Provincial pieces in every colour from neutrals to bold vibrant hues and I’ve loved every one!

I particularly love using bolder colours that I wouldn’t normally use on side tables and nightstands.  When Country Chic Paint released their new Lustrum Collection I knew I wanted to use some of the more feminine tones on specific pieces, like this nightstand.  I couldn’t decide between Piece of Cake (a grey purple tone) and Darling (a lighter lilac) – so I opened it up to a poll on my Instagram stories! The overwhelming majority voted for Piece of Cake, and I had a long time customer ask if she could purchase it in Piece of Cake right away!

Pink and purple furniture paint colors - painted stir sticks - furniture paint color examples
This is what the nightstand looked like initially:
French provincial furniture bedroom set - before furniture paint DIY makeover
Definitely needed a new look.  I cleaned and lightly sanded as per my normal prep routine, but I took the time to do one extra step.  Many people are concerned about the possibility and result of painting laminate veneers – will the paint stick? Will it peel? In short, the answer is that it will be just fine with the right prep work! I like to take the extra step, after a light sanding, of applying Country Chic Paint’s Clear Bonding Primer.  This isn’t a primer that seals in stains or tannins, but rather a primer that creates a stronger bond between the surface and the paint.  I use this primer all the time! I absolutely love it and I recommend it for any project that you may be concerned about adhesion with!

When the primer was fully cured (make sure to read the instructions on the jar!), I gave the table two coats of Piece of Cake, followed by two coats of Tough Coat when it the paint was fully dry.  I love the sheen the Tough Coat gives.

Feminine neutral purple french provincial nightstand - painted with eco-friendly furniture paint
Feminine neutral purple french provincial nightstand - painted with eco-friendly furniture paint
This little nightstand might be small, but the colour gives it a great pop!
Feminine neutral purple french provincial nightstand - painted with eco-friendly furniture paint

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Leave a comment below to tell us what you think of this neutral purple color!

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Cait {Little City Farmhouse}

Hello! I’m Cait! I am a wife and a mom of two little ones, and a proud auntie of a growing little flock! I first started by refinishing several pieces in my own home, and fell in love with it. Slowly it turned into a business and something I could do from home. I love the thrill of finding old furniture, and I adore the process of refinishing it into something new and fresh. Refinishing furniture is the heart of my business. I believe your home should reflect who you are, and I love helping people get the look they want in their homes by refinishing their furniture for them.

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7 thoughts on “Purple Painted French Provincial Furniture

  1. Hello! Great job on this project. Thanks for sharing it 🙂 I am very new to this fun world of fixing up old furniture pieces and my first big project is a dresser that almost exactly matches the items you have pictures here.

    A big question I have, is, how should I go about restoring the handles?


  2. I love what you did with the nightstand. I have a white French provincial bedroom set. I would like to make it look antique. How can I do that?

    1. Hi Connie! Distressing is a great way to make your furniture look more aged. You could also add something like Antiquing Wax or a tinted glaze over the paint to make it look more aged and worn.

  3. Love what you did with this French Provincial night stand. I had this exact set growing up and my Mom still has it in her house. We bought it for my 15th birthday in 1975 from Sears! I might have to give refinishing a try!

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