Plum Purple Painted Front Door

Have you ever wanted to paint your front door? Find out how in this post by Elizabeth from The Lavender Homefront! She used the color, Cheers! to compliment the color of the brick exterior of her home.

The house we moved into was a foreclosure. At the time, many other updates and improvements took priority over the front door. However, from the moment I moved into my current home, I have wanted to update and improve the front door. 

I chose to paint the front door in Country Chic Paint’s color, Cheers!. This color is part of their newest paint line called the Lustrum Collection. Cheers! appears to be a cross between a cranberry and plum color. There is white washed brick on the front of my home so I knew Cheers! would be the perfect match to highlight the brick. 

Surface Prep

This door was a mess. The wood had areas that were peeling, breaking off, scratched, and there was a good amount of water damage. I had to start by using wood filler to fill in holes and uneven scratches and dents. 

Once the wood filler had dried, which took about 24 hours, I sanded down the entire door by hand. This was a huge project and one I would not suggest. If at all possible, take the door off the doorway, and sand with a sander. I chose to do all the work while the door was still hanging because I don’t have a secondary screen door to secure my home and knew, with kids I would be unable to complete this project in a day. I opted to keep the door hung.


When sanding was completed, I began painting with the Country Chic Paint’s Painting Sponge. I think this takes a bit of trial and error because I somehow soaked the sponge in paint and got it all over my hands!

The sponge did do as advertised though and provided a very thin layer a paint all over the door. A front door is the face of the home, and I needed to make sure that the door was completed with even application and minimal brush strokes. The painting sponge came through and provided a brush-stroke free finish!

Because the layers of paint were so thin, it took a total of 3 coats to be able to get the coverage I needed. I still had to do some touch up work, which I accomplished with Country Chic Paint’s Artist Brushes

Plum purple painted front door with eco-friendly furniture paint

Sealing and Waxing

With this project, since I knew it would take a lot of extreme temperatures and outdoor use, I chose to seal it which an acrylic sealer. I did two coats of this and allowed it to dry thoroughly. 

Within the nooks and crannies of the door, I chose use Country Chic Paint’s Antiquing Wax. This gave the door a little more interest and really made the edges pop a bit. I was very conservative using the wax because I wanted a subtle appearance. The door ended up getting three thin coats of wax, which were buffed into the cracks of the door. 

Plum purple painted front door with eco-friendly furniture paint

Finishing the Door

Lastly, I added the door knob, kick plate and a peep hole. Everything was bought and installed in brushed bronze to give it a very antique feel.

Plum purple painted front door with eco-friendly furniture paint

The final product is stunning. This gorgeous front door makeover turned out exactly how I imagined and gives the welcome into my home that I have desired for so long. It’s so important to remember that chalk style paint can be used on indoor and outdoor projects. It doesn’t have to be used for only furniture either! Cabinets, doors, picture frames, candle sticks, and many other projects can be completed with chalk style paint!

Plum purple painted front door with eco-friendly furniture paint

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Elizabeth {The Lavender Homefront}

Hi I’m Elizabeth, wife and full time mom of 4 littles. My hobbies include thrifting, upcycling furniture, restoring foreclosed homes, gardening and cooking from scratch! I strive to live sustainably in the heart of the suburbs.

My family and I live in Colorado Springs, CO where the weather is bi-polar and I have tons of indoor time to transform secondhand furniture into beautiful pieces. I absolutely love taking the tired, torn and trashed, and, with the stroke of a brush, giving each piece a second chance!

Make sure to follow Elizabeth on her blog, The Lavender Homefront. You can also find her on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter!



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