Muted Blue Chicken Wire Cabinet Refresh

Abbey from Painted Home Goods has had this cabinet since she was a little girl! She decided it was time for a farmhouse chic makeover with a little help from this grey/blue color called Elegance!

My parents had this cabinet as long as I can remember. It held all our kids’ books growing up, then Mom kept it in the kitchen for linens and cookbooks. When my parents no longer needed it I used it for much needed storage in our first apartment. After we moved, it stored all my paint but I now have a more functional cabinet and this one needed a refresh.

After a good cleaning and a light sanding, I spray painted the interior a creamy white with a satin finish.

While I liked the color I’d painted years ago, it was a brand of chalk paint I no longer use for quality reasons. Side note: it is SO worth spending a tiny bit more for quality paint! Your pieces will look more professional and last longer. Country Chic Paint’s soft blue, Elegance, was a very close match!

All cleaned and refreshed, this cabinet was ready to find a new home and serve another family as well and as long as it served mine. And it didn’t take long! This farmhouse-y beauty is off to a new home.

To see more examples of the color Elegance, click here.

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Abbey {Painted Home Goods}

As a mom to twin boys, I am always busy. Twice the fun, twice the work! My Twin Tornadoes and salvaging neglected furniture are my passions. If a twin mom in a small apartment can fix up and paint furniture, so can you! In today’s throw-away culture and tendency towards cheaply made, mass produced home goods, I seek to provide something different, something unique. Bringing new life to discarded finds is my way of contributing to the responsible thrifting counterculture. When shopping with PaintedHomeGoods you can feel good about what you buy. Enjoy!

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