Curvy Two Tone Dresser

This flawless curvy dresser was refinished in the color, Peacoat by Leah from Thrifted Nest Decor!

As soon as I found this dresser, I knew it needed a deep navy to compliment the rich wood. Now finding that perfect color and paint was a bit of trial and error.

I decided to paint the body and the top in navy. Finding the perfect color for this dresser was a challenge!

Here are the products I used:

  • Country Chic Paint in the color, Peacoat
  • Shellac Primer
  • Paint Brush
  • Rub N Buff 
  • Country Chic Paint’s Clear Coat

Prepping the dresser:

To prevent bleed through, I primed with a Shellac Based Primer. 

I realized later on that I didn’t even need to prime. Country Chic Paint covered the drawers completely in one coat!

Finding the right paint color:

The first coat was painted in a light navy – not by Country Chic. The paint was difficult to work with and not the color advertised. 

I wanted a deeper navy to match the rich red wood.

Switching to Country Chic Paint

For the next coat I switched to richer navy by Country Chic Paint. This paint didn’t have any of the struggles of the previous paint and it covered beautifully. 

I had to paint a few drawers because of deep scratches. Look at how well it covers Mahogany in one coat with NO primer!

Sealing the dresser:

I applied Clear Coat in long strokes with a sponge. This is much faster than using a brush and the result is a streak free, smooth finish.

Here’s the finished dresser:

Two tone navy blue tallboy dresser painted with eco-friendly navy blue furniture paint from country chic paint

To see more examples of this gorgeous navy blue color, click here.

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Leah {Thrifted Nest}

Hi there!

I started refinishing furniture to furnish my first apartment 4 years ago. My apartment filled up quickly but I somehow kept finding furniture to paint! Now I refinish furniture full time and I love to teach other artists how to get started refinishing furniture. I’m passionate about creating a beautiful home on a budget.

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