Antique to Boho Chic Dresser Makeover

Robin from In Fine Feather Furniture gave this buffet a modern farmhouse look with Sunday Tea All-in-One Decor Paint, some new stain, and Hemp Oil!

I purchased this old antique Canadian dresser a while ago. I haven’t worked with too many pieces of this age before so I took my time to work up the courage to take it on.



To start, I removed the old dark stain from the top and drawer fronts. To do this I sanded…and sanded…and sanded some more. I decided to keep the wood grain for the top and drawer fronts to balance out the bright color I had in mind, it just needed a refresh. Once down to the raw wood, I stained it with a blend of 3 water-based stain colors (chocolate, grey and light brown) with some sanding/distressing in between. I sealed the stained wood with a coat of Country Chic Paint’s Tough Coat. This was easily applied with a painting sponge.

Next, I began painting. I used Country Chic Paint’s All-in-One Decor Paint in the color, Cat’s Meow. This is from their Furry Friend’s Limited Edition color line from Spring/Summer 2019. A portion of proceeds from these colors go towards helping pets in need! I applied 2 coats to the base of the dresser and the mirror. I then distressed the paint lightly using the wet distressing method (rubbing the paint off with a damp cloth). Then I applied a layer of Tiger’s Eye Glaze. This glaze really gave it a unique finish and also darkened the very bright teal color. I think it compliments the wood stain very nicely.

Next, I had to do something about the inside of the drawers. They were originally lined with purple velvet! Well it was old, dirty and musty, so I removed it. Unfortunately it had been glued on and left a fuzzy, sticky residue that didn’t want to wash away. So I took the opportunity to jazz up the dresser even more and I lined all the drawers entirely with a lovely gold patterned, self adhesive vinyl shelf paper. This nicely covered up the old mess!

Almost finished…I knew the boring old wood knobs just didn’t give it the “wow” factor I wanted, so to play up the boho style and compliment the gold drawer lining I added these gold knobs and drawer pulls.

Lastly I had a few structural things to address (part of the fun of working with antiques). The dresser swayed a little side to side due to the way it was constructed and years of use. I added corner brackets with wood screws inside for stability and added a new layer of wood backing. This gave me a better surface to attach the mirror to as well.

There you have it; from antique to boho chic. I love how this project turned out. I picture this in someone’s home-based salon business as a hairdressing station, or maybe just the perfect dresser for a moody teenager who walks to the beat of her own drum!

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Robin {In Fine Feather Furniture}

I am a wife and working mom that makes work life balance a top priority. When I am not at work or busy with our family I love to spend time outdoors hiking, mountain biking and beach combing. I balance my love for nature with an artistic outlet I can do indoors. This is working in my garage work space updating vintage furniture with paint, stain, glazes, waxes, oils and anything else that intrigues me.

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