Garage Sale Dresser Revived with Chalk-Style Paint

Abbey from Painted Home Goods found this sweet little dresser shelf at a garage sale that needed some help to smooth out the finish. Come see how beautiful it looks with its new nips and tucks!

I snatched this dresser up from a garage sale for only $20.The bottom drawers had been turned into shelves and were sturdy…but the dresser body wobbled terribly.

Refurbished grey painted dresser needs a new makeover

With some brackets on the back legs, supports on the back, and brad nails strengthening the side panels, I quickly shored it up so there was no more wobbling.

After patching some badly covered veneer damage on the side and sanding smooth, it was time to paint.

Grey dresser being refurbished with putty - sanding it down

I really liked the original color so I did my best to match it by mixing Country Chic Paint in the colors, Hurricane, Rocky Mountain, and Strength.

If you’ve followed me for a while you know how precise I am with measurements 😉. The recipe is as follows: the remainder of the jar of Hurricane, dump in some Rocky Mountain, then add what’s left of Strength. Mix well. I think it was a near perfect match and such a pretty color! I’m going to have to recreate this one again.

Distressed and with the top stained a weathered gray to tone down the intense red hue of the bare wood, this gorgeous dresser was finished and got snatched up.

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Abbey {Painted Home Goods}

As a mom to twin boys, I am always busy. Twice the fun, twice the work! My Twin Tornadoes and salvaging neglected furniture are my passions. If a twin mom in a small apartment can fix up and paint furniture, so can you! In today’s throw-away culture and tendency towards cheaply made, mass produced home goods, I seek to provide something different, something unique. Bringing new life to discarded finds is my way of contributing to the responsible thrifting counterculture. When shopping with PaintedHomeGoods you can feel good about what you buy. Enjoy!

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