Painted Chippy Rustic Farmhouse Cabinet

This simple cabinet got a rustic, farmhouse makeover by Robin from In Fine Feather Furniture with Bee’s Knees, Cranberry Sauce, and Crackle Medium! Come learn all about the transformation.

This vintage cabinet was one I jumped on to buy. I knew it would be the cutest farmhouse style and it was begging for a makeover. I picture it now in an old farmhouse home full of character; used as a pantry for all your homemade canned goods, prepped for winter eating.

To start all I had to do was give it a good clean, disassemble the door and remove all the hardware.

I then carefully broke the glass to remove it. Next I laid out chicken wire and sprayed it with matte black spray paint. Later in the project once the door was painted and sealed I used a heavy duty staple gun and attached the wire to the door, being very careful to not leave any sharp edges behind.

Next I used Country Chic Paint in the color Cranberry Sauce. I applied one coat and left it to dry for a full 24hrs. Next I applied Country Chic Paint’s Crackle Medium. This was a first for me, but it turned out to be easy to use. I applied it with the Country Chic Paint 2″ short-handle angle brush. Once it was all covered I left it to dry for another 24 hours, as instructed. If you don’t wait until it is completely dry to apply the next coat of paint, it might not crackle.

So the next day I got out Country Chic Paint in the color, Bee’s Knees. A lovely, soft butter yellow. Being a large piece of furniture I wanted the crackle to be fairly obvious so I painted the bees knees on fairly thick using the Country Chic Paint oval brush. I painted it on in different directions, not worrying at all about it being perfect or even. The crackle magically appears literally right before your eyes!

A little tip: you only have seconds before the paint starts to react with the Crackle Medium – no time to get fussy – and if you do try to paint while the magic is happening, the top coat will just smear right off.

Once it was all painted, I left it to dry. Coming back the next day I was happy, but didn’t love it. Where the paint wasn’t even, the Cranberry Sauce color showed through. So rather than get frustrated, I decided to go for a really distressed aged look and thought to myself “where there are cracks, there will be chips”. I took a damp rag and started scrubbing. I used the thinner areas as opportunities to distress. I love the end results! I think it looks much more authentically aged than just cracks.

While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I used a little water-based chocolate color stain to freshen up the interior of the cabinet. It nicely covered the scratches and scuffs without changing the look.

Next I cleaned the original hardware. I love these old pulls, but they were very dirty. A nice bath in boiling vinegar, salt and water mix, followed by a good scrub and they were like new again. The gold finish is a nice compliment to the bee’s knee’s yellow.

Lastly, a coat of Country Chic Paint’s Tough Coat applied with a sponge sealed in all my hard work without adding much shine.

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Robin {In Fine Feather Furniture}

I am a wife and working mom that makes work life balance a top priority. When I am not at work or busy with our family I love to spend time outdoors hiking, mountain biking and beach combing. I balance my love for nature with an artistic outlet I can do indoors. This is working in my garage work space updating vintage furniture with paint, stain, glazes, waxes, oils and anything else that intrigues me.

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  1. Amazed how a farm cabinet can turn into something so aesthetic and up for a good home decor is interesting and fun, the way you have explained all the guidelines for making the DIY easy and fun to understand for the purpose of the end consumer of your content is really incredible and it as different value to the home decor as I can see the images the color and the way you of done it is amazing.

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