A Cabinet’s Cinderella Story

This cabinet needed a lot of help. Luckily, Elizabeth from The Lavender Homefront was there to save the day with furniture paint and metallic cream! Find out all about how she completed the transformation.

I found this little dresser on the Nextdoor App. It was listed for $15 dollars. When I saw the photo of it, I fell in love with it and knew instantly how I wanted to paint it. 

Upon picking up the piece, there was some pretty heavy water damage on top and some peeling, chipped and separated veneer. It didn’t seem like too much work to fix, and because it was just so cute, I decided to take on the project.

Once I brought the cabinet home, removed the drawer and doors, I was able to get a better look at it. This poor little cabinet was extremely beat up. Here are all the issues I had to fix before I could even start painting:

  1. The cabinet was covered in rat (or mouse) pee down the back. I assumed it was just a lot of dust, but once I began cleaning the wood, the smell was overwhelmingly strong, and I had to put on a mask.
  2. The cabinet had three (yes THREE!) wasp nests inside, behind the dresser drawer. Once I removed the drawer, I could see them. These were mud dobber wasps, which meant that the entire inside had a ton of dirt and mud all over. I spent a lot of time removing and cleaning the mud from the inside. 
  3. The veneer was peeling and separated from the rest of the wood. This was much more severe than I had originally thought. It took a lot of time and wood glue to fix much of the veneer.
  4. There was extensive water damage, much more than I had initially thought. I had to remove a lot of wood and veneer and use wood filler to fill in all the holes before painting. 

All-in-all, if I had known of the many issues this little cabinet had, I probably wouldn’t have taken on the project. However, once I started this project, I had to finish. 

After all of the above were fixed, repaired, and cleaned or removed, I could finally start painting. I used Country Chic Paint’s color, Starstruck from their Lustrum Collection. The color is a deep navy blue and is stunning. Because this color is so dark, it covered very well. I used Country Chic Paint’s Oval Paint Brush for the bulk of the painting, and the Artist Paint Brushes for the hard to reach places. This took a total of two coats.

The back of the cabinet, veneer on the cabinet doors and drawer, and the inside of the cabinet were cleaned, sanded and stained in a deep walnut color. I then used Country Chic Paint’s Hemp Oil to seal the wood. 

Let me tell you something about Hemp Oil, I’ve had the pleasure of using it on a few projects and it has become one of my favorite Country Chic Paint products. A little goes a long way, there is little-to-no smell, and it really brings out the richness and beauty in the wood. 

For this piece, because the wood was so heavily damaged and, I’m guessing, stored in a barn, the wood was extremely dry. The first coat of Hemp Oil soaked in almost immediately. I had to apply 2-3 coats before the wood began to appear healthy and beautiful. The Hemp Oil also brought out the beautiful colors in the veneer on the face of the cabinet doors and the drawers.

Once the painting was completed, I chose to accent the cabinet with Country Chic Paint’s Lucky Penny Metallic Cream. Metallic cream is fun to work with! It goes on silky smooth and adds a beautiful accent to any piece. I thought copper accents would look great with the dark blue, and the copper blends in nicely with the wood too!

After everything was said and done, I sealed the cabinet with Country Chic Paint’s Natural Wax and added copper knobs to the drawer and doors. 

The transformation was time consuming and difficult, but I absolutely love the end result. We will be keeping this cabinet in my sons’ bedroom to hold book and toys. It’s amazing to see this cabinet, which would have probably been thrown away, transformed into something so beautiful. I’m excited to continue to enjoy this piece for years to come. 

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Elizabeth {The Lavender Homefront}

Hi I’m Elizabeth, wife and full time mom of 4 littles. My hobbies include thrifting, upcycling furniture, restoring foreclosed homes, gardening and cooking from scratch! I strive to live sustainably in the heart of the suburbs.

My family and I live in Colorado Springs, CO where the weather is bi-polar and I have tons of indoor time to transform secondhand furniture into beautiful pieces. I absolutely love taking the tired, torn and trashed, and, with the stroke of a brush, giving each piece a second chance!

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