Forest Green Painted Shutter-Door Buffet

Abbey from Painted Home Goods took apart an old hutch to make it less bulky and more up-to-date. We love how its new look as a buffet with a new rustic green finish in the color, Hollow Hill!

This piece used to be a buffet with an attached hutch; it was cumbersome and felt dated. The entire top had to be removed to get rid of the hutch and make the piece more versatile and functional. I made a new planked wood top and gave it a rustic stained look.

I had a hard time choosing a Country Chic Paint color but I settled on one of my favorite dark greens, Hollow Hill. There’s something cozy about it, and green goes with so many different decor styles.

With a new top, fresh coat of paint, and a gorgeous Hemp Oil sheen, this dated buffet found a new home with a family who appreciates that furniture just isn’t made like it used to be anymore.

Solid wood pieces, especially uniquely refinished ones, are always worth it – and, as my customers stated, actually cost significantly less! Support your local furniture refinishers and add something uniquely beautiful to your home this season!

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Abbey {Painted Home Goods}

As a mom to twin boys, I am always busy. Twice the fun, twice the work! My Twin Tornadoes and salvaging neglected furniture are my passions. If a twin mom in a small apartment can fix up and paint furniture, so can you! In today’s throw-away culture and tendency towards cheaply made, mass produced home goods, I seek to provide something different, something unique. Bringing new life to discarded finds is my way of contributing to the responsible thrifting counterculture. When shopping with PaintedHomeGoods you can feel good about what you buy. Enjoy!

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