Refreshed Dresser with Mint Green Furniture Paint

This lovely dresser is on it’s second makeover by Abbey from Painted Home Goods. This time she chose a light and fresh mint green color, called “Luna”. Read on to learn all about her dresser flip!

The paint color “Luna” was discontinued before I discovered Country Chic Paint, but a local retailer that was closing had a pint in her stash and I was excited to try it out.

This dresser was my very first piece I ever painted with Country Chic Paint (Pebble Beach sealed with Natural Wax to be exact) and I kept it in my kids’ room for three years.

After moving, I reluctantly decided this huge dresser wasn’t working for our space anymore. Due to some chipped veneer from the move and some scratches on the top, I decided to give it a refresh with the color, “Luna” before selling. 

After repairing the veneer and giving it a scuff sand all over, I applied two coats of Luna and sealed it with a coat of Natural Wax. I recently got a Country Chic Paint wax brush and, let me tell you, it has been a game changer! I used to hate using wax but the brush makes it so much easier to apply quickly and evenly. 

Mint green three drawer wooden dresser makeover with furniture paint - side angle view

This pastel color is so versatile in modern design. I can’t wait for a new buyer to fall in love and give this beauty a new home!

Mint green three drawer wooden dresser makeover with furniture paint

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Abbey {Painted Home Goods}

As a mom to twin boys, I am always busy. Twice the fun, twice the work! My Twin Tornadoes and salvaging neglected furniture are my passions. If a twin mom in a small apartment can fix up and paint furniture, so can you! In today’s throw-away culture and tendency towards cheaply made, mass produced home goods, I seek to provide something different, something unique. Bringing new life to discarded finds is my way of contributing to the responsible thrifting counterculture. When shopping with PaintedHomeGoods you can feel good about what you buy. Enjoy!

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