Furniture Renovation Q&A Painting Edition: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques From The Experts

Furniture Renovation Q&A Painting Edition: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques From The Experts

In this Q&A with the experts, we’ll explore furniture renovation from a painting perspective.

We’ve reached out to experts in the area to get their best tips, tricks, and techniques on all things related to painting furniture, from chalk-style paint to other types and forms of painting.

The sky is the limit when it comes to using your creativity to renovate your furniture. You don’t have to throw away that old dresser or that kitchen table. With this expert roundup you’ll come to realize that everything can have a second chance, so get ready to fold your sleeves and get that brush ready.

Keep reading and discover what these experts have to say; you’ll learn easy tips and tricks to revamp every piece in your home.


What types of paint are appropriate for wood without damaging it?

“I don’t know of any paint that can’t be used safely on wood. With proper preparation and application, oil-based, water-based, latex, acrylic, chalk, milk, metallic, spray paint, and more can all be applied to wood without damaging it. The type of paint you should use depends on how you want to apply it, how you want the finished piece to look, and its function. Similarly, removing any paint will not likely harm the wood itself but will certainly harm whatever finish was on the piece before painting. So if you don’t want to damage the finish on a piece of wood furniture (for example, the patina on an antique), my advice would be not to paint it.”

– Sylvia Worsnop | Transforming Trash

When and why use airbrush painting instead of using a brush?

“We use airless assisted sprayers to reduce the time it takes to paint a project as well as when we want to achieve a cleaner finish that will not show brushstrokes.”

– Catherine Baldi | Arana Craftman Painters

Chalk-Style Paint

Why has chalk-style paint become one of the favorite painting techniques in furniture renovation? 

“Chalk-style paint is one of the easiest and most versatile paint techniques. It’s much easier to work with than other paints as you don’t have to sand or prime when using good quality chalk-style paint, and that’s a big reason why chalk-style paint has been so popular. You can go from a matte finish to a high gloss finish depending on the topcoat you choose.

We have a chalk-style paint course with all the tips on how to paint like a pro.”

– Rhonda Hallstrom | Hallstrom House

Which are the most common mistakes people make when painting furniture?

“When painting with chalk-style paint, the most common mistake people make is not understanding how to seal the paint when using soft wax. They often opt to seal with clear poly instead as they are afraid or don’t know how to use the wax.

A few buffed soft wax coats will give a smooth factory finish look when one applies a thin coat and then buffs the surface with a soft, lint-free cloth using a circular motion.

Buffing is nothing more than applying some muscle as you move the cloth over the waxed surface until the cloth slides easily over the surface. This can take some time, depending on how detailed the piece you are working on is. Additional thin layers of wax can be applied over existing ones to build up sheen and durability that will last a long time.”

Diane Henkler | In My Own Style

What are the different styles you can create with chalk-style paint?

“The great thing about chalk-style paint is that you can really create anything your heart desires! It can be done with a little paint and some creativity, from distressed shabby chic to sleek and modern (and everything in between). Whether you like subdued, neutral colors and a modern finish, or your style is more outspoken and expressive, the chalk style paints from Country Chic Paint will help you create your.”

– Sarah Archer | Country Chic Paint 

One of the best parts of furniture renovation is painting! It brings out the artist we carry inside. It can be a relaxing activity that will leave your home looking gorgeous.

When it comes to furniture renovation, the magic is in the details, as these experts have taught us, so remember to keep in mind their advice and keep this guide handy.

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